Hi, I’m Darrell McGowan, the author of Tunnel Vision, the first in the Eyes to See trilogy. Thanks for visiting the Eyes To See Trilogy site!

I make my home in Southern California where I share life with my fiancé, Susan, her son, Hunter, and my puppy, Yuki. I am the proud father of two adult children, Dominique and Jonathan, who both reside in Northern California. I have a great circle of extended family members and friends, many of whom have helped me bring Tunnel Vision into being.

I’ve always been an early adopter of personal technology, but I’ve also seen the necessity to unplug for a portion of each day, a full day each week, and a week each year. I take a silent retreat or backpacking trip every year at a location where I cannot get a cellular signal and, therefore, can rest assured I will be free of the digital world for a few precious days.

I believe technology will continue to advance and continue to transform experience for individuals and societies. I also believe the most significant thing that sets humans apart from other creatures is our ability to see ourselves as intimately connected–not just to our tribe, however we conceive of it, but to all that is. If technology is to lead humanity into a golden age, it will only do so if we reflect upon what it means to be human and strive to preserve that fundamental experience in the midst of transformative change.

So–you’re encouraged to use your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone and journey with the characters of Tunnel Vision through a society where technology has so transformed the human experience as to bring it to a turning point. Either the citizens of Garsow will step together across a wonderful threshold into the next evolution of their species or they will, through their own choices, turn themselves into “root stock” for a species of disconnected individuals who out-produce, out-create, and out-distance the species from which they sprang while sacrificing any sense of connection to one another.

As you read the first chapter of Tunnel Vision, please take the time to contribute to the discussions through the comments on the chapter and in the Forums.

Tunnel Vision, book one of the Eyes To See trilogy, is available at Amazon for a limited time at the discounted price of just $4.99 (Kindle edition)! You can purchase the electronic book by following this link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01G0WXE4K

Thanks for coming along on this journey,



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